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Merkes Coaching will be working with Team Jumbo Visma to keep their athlete management system up to date.

Over the past 1.5 years I worked as a sport science consultant for Fusion Sport. During this period, I designed, customised, and implement Smartabase (Athlete Data Management System) for clients, as well as providing support for these clients. As well as teaching clients how to build in Smartabase themselves. One of these clients was Team Jumbo Visma.

I became the lead consultant for Team Jumbo Visma at the start of 2021 until I left Fusion Sport at the end of March 2022. Since the start, TJV and I worked closely together to improve TJV’s experience in storing data in a safe environment and utilising Smartabase to run additional analysis where applicable. At the end of February, the main contact at TJV left their company. Merkes Coaching will be filling this gap for the next few months.

It is an honour to get this opportunity and I’m looking forward to this collaboration!